Kilmore and Oban Church of Scotland
Oban ChurchKilmore and Oban Church of Scotland

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Intimations commencing 22nd September 2019

Sunday Worship Readings

Luke 16 : v 1 - 13

1 Timothy : 2 v 1 - 7


  1.  22nd September Morning’s Worship is led by Donald MacKinnon.
  2.  The Guild restarts on 9th October (Wednesday) at 2:00 pm in the Church Center Undercroft.
  3. Gaelic Service, Sacrament of Communion on 22nd September at 2:00 pm.
  4.  Harvest - We will celebrate Harvest on Communion Sunday 6th October, donation of flowers etc will be most appreciated. Please contact Margaret MacLean.
  5. Glasgow Phoenix Choir will be performing a concert in St. John's Cathedral, Oban to raise funds for the cathedral and Hope Kitchen on 28th September at 8:00 pm. Ticket cost £8.00 and are available from church on Sunday or Oban Music (Tel: 566304)
  6. Rev. Dugald is on Interim Moderator duties at Ardchattan and Connel Churches.
  7. Family Faithshare is 29th September (next Sunday)  at 10.00am onwards, starting with breakfast.  All welcome.
  8. Stepping Forward in Faith:  Our finance campaign is now underway.  Please give consideration to the matters presented.  The newsletter issued today is a Stewardship special.
  9. Life & Work: October issue available on 22nd September.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Intimations commencing 15th September 2019

Sunday Worship Readings

1 Timothy 1 v 12 - 17

Luke 15 v 1 - 10


  1. Kirk Session Conference –  15th September (Sunday) at 2:00pm, Kilbrandon Parish Church,  Clachan Seil. 
  2. Restarts:
        Guild                          9 October – 2.00pm

        Faithshare              29 September – 10.00am

        Gaelic Service        22 September – 2.00pm
      3. Oban Phoenix Cinema & Oban Concern for Palestine presents Walking the Wall, a Mark Thomas documentary about the Wall on 17th September (Tuesday) at 6.00pm.
      4. Harvest – We will celebrate Harvest on Communion 6th October (Sunday) , donations of flowers etc. will be most appreciated.  Please contact Margaret MacLean.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Intimations commencing 8th September 2019

Sunday Worship Readings

Psalm 139 v 1 - 12

Luke 14 v 25 - 33

1. Kirk session Conference - 15th September (Sunday) 2:00pm. Kilbrandon Parish Church, Clachan Seil. A good turnout is requested so we can consider all aspect affecting the present and future of Kilmore and Oban. Theme "Kilmore and Oban Parish Church - The Way Forward". There is a sign-up sheet at the rear of the church or
contact Alex Clark, Deputy Session Clerk. Tel : 564684, e-mail

2. Restart:

              Recorder Group               Started on 20 August 3.30-4.15pm

              Guild                                  9 October – 2.00pm

              Sunday School                 Started on 25 August 10.30am

              Prayer Group                   10 September – 11.30am

              Faithshare                        20 September – 10am

              Choir                                 11 September – 3.00-4.00pm    

              Gaelic Service                  22 September – 2.00pm

3. Hope Kitchen - Donations gratefully received on 8th September.

4. Oban Phoenix Cinema & Oban Concern for Palestine presents Walking the Wall, a Mark Thomas documentary about the Wall on 6th September  (Friday) 6.00pm.

5. Green Shoots Apple Day on 14th September (Saturday) at Glencruitten Woodland, Oban from 11.00am-3.00pm. Free entry but donations welcome, suitable for all ages.  Dogs welcome but must be kept on a lead.  Contact Catriona Petit if anyone needs a lift from Tesco – 07775995650.