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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Kilmore and Oban 29th March 2020

Kilmore & Oban 29th March 2020


God of the living

we pass through the shadows

to the light of resurrection.

As we worship you

give us hope

that, rejoicing in the Spirit

who gives life to our bones

we may be clothed in the faith

where word became flesh

and lived, truly lived, amongst us.

We are conscious of the seasons turning

and that new life can be seen in creation.

May we know that it is only through the

life, death and resurrection

of Jesus Christ

that we, conscious beings of creation,

can be assured that the seasons of our life

will find fulfilment in the glory of eternity.

So we confess that which keeps us from an awareness of that new glory.

When our minds shut out the ways of Kingdom living, and we live in the narrowness of selfishness.

Forgive us Lord, when through our fault we have hurt others, our planet, our own souls, and thereby you.

Forgive us Lord, when through being caught up in the sinfulness of some of the forces of this world, we have turned from you.

Lord have mercy

Christ have mercy

Lord have mercy

God and Jesus and Spirit of wholeness

as Three and as One

forgive us and aid us

go before our souls

each step of the world.

At this time of challenge to all of us as individuals and as a society, may we all know in our hearts the cost of salvation and the generosity of God – through his Son – who has wrought resurrection for all.

Almighty God,

your Son came into the world

to free us from sin and death.

Breathe upon us with the power of your Spirit

that we may be raised to new life in Christ,

and serve you in holiness and righteousness

all our days,

through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Sermon: John 11 v 21-27

Let us listen for the Word of God

I am the resurrection and the life.

There are so many words bombarding us at present.

Though we are ‘social distancing’ words still come. Perhaps not so many spoken face to face by friends and relatives, or by work colleagues.

Words come to us through social media, phone calls, TV and radio, Facebook.

As they come, we need to discern those which are important, and those which are superfluous or negative.

The important ones come from governments and health officers through trusted sources.

Superfluous words can annoy or cheer. It is the background chatter that can remind us of normal life. You hear these words from Radio 2 presenters, or such like.

And there are fun words telling us of online choirs, or keep fit videos. Or, humorous words that just make us laugh – thank goodness.

I’ve been watching various Billy Connolly clips on Facebook – jings he is funny. Graham Norton clips, Jane Godley, Scot Squad

They all use wee sweary words, so don’t say the minister recommended them!

And then the negative words. Those words will be the rumours and conspiracy theories that drag us down. We need to shut that out.

We also need to be careful not to overload on news – if we are prone to worry. Give yourself a break: just listen to that which we all need to so as to be properly informed, for our own safety and the safety of others.

Then we hear the word of God.

I am the resurrection and the life.

These words were uttered to Martha at a time of loss; full-on grief for Lazarus.

Sitting before her was Jesus of Nazareth, telling her the truth.

His words were not sugar-coated, for the situation was an eyes open, no messing, time for honesty.

What did Martha need to hear?

I am the resurrection and the life.

She could place her trust in this man, the Son of Man, Son of God.

This is where we are today, when we cut through the words that bombard us to the ones we truly need to hear.

For in them is the acknowledgement of crucifixion – for Jesus said ‘resurrection’ – and also ‘life’.

And that keep us going as human beings – that we will rise, rise with our Lord and Saviour.

And we shall live as such now, sharing in faith, sharing in Kingdom of God living – that will point to him, as we serve others.


And now a prayer to stay with us, together

Gun cumadh sìth Dhe,                                         The peace of God

a tha toirt bàrr air tuigse gu leir,                        which passes all understanding

ar cridheachan agus ar n-inntinnean                keep our hearts and minds

ann an eolas agus gràdh Dhe,                             in the knowledge and love of God,

agus a' Mhic,                                                           and of his Son,

Iosa Criosd ar Tighearna:                                    Jesus Christ our Lord:

Agus beannachadh                                                and the blessing

Dhe uile-chumhachdaich,                                    of God almighty

an t-Athair, am Mac                                              the Father, the Son

agus an Spiorad Naomh                                      and the Holy Spirit

a bhith nar measg                                                 be among us

agus a' fantainn maille ruinn                              and remain with us

daonnan.                                                                  always.


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Our church services in Kilmore and Oban are now cancelled, our Church Centre closed, and both our Church Centre Administrator - Caroline, and Minister - Rev Dugald, are working from their respective homes. To make contact use the usual phone no. 01631 562405 or email

However, the community of faith continues. Rev Dugald is posting regular items on Facebook - just go to Oban and Kilmore Parish Church Community Page. Also, email are being sent out to our contacts - with worship content and links.

God be with you

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Intimations commencing 22nd March 2020 - WE ARE ALL WORSHIPING AT HOME

 God of darkness and light,
God of goodness and glory,
  God of mercy and kindness,
Open our hearts to your love.

Sunday Worship Readings

Psalm 23

Ephesians 5 v 8 - 14


1. Front piece; picture from Pfr Cristoph Bauerle – Esslingen.  We are all worshiping at home.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Important Notice for the worship

We would like to say that until further notice, all church services are cancelled due to the Coronavirus epidemic.