Kilmore and Oban Church of Scotland
Oban ChurchKilmore and Oban Church of Scotland

Friday, 27 September 2019

Intimations commencing 29th September 2019

Sunday Worship Readings

Jeremiah 32 v 1 - 3a, v 6 - 15

Luke 16 v 19 - 31


  1. 29th September Worship is led by Rev. Margaret Millar and Rev. Dugald is leading Family Faithshare.
  2. The Guild restarts on 9th October (Wednesday) 2pm in the Church Centre Undercroft.
  3. Harvest – We will celebrate Harvest on 6th October Communion Sunday, donations of flowers etc. will be most appreciated.  Please contact Margaret MacLean.
  4. Stepping Forward in Faith:  Our finance campaign is now underway.  Please give consideration to the matters presented.  The newsletter available on 29th September is Stewardship special.
  5. Preparatory Service – 3rd October (Thursday) at 7.00pm in Oban Parish Church.
  6. Kilmore – We will celebrate Communion in Kilmore Kirk at 12 noon next Sunday.
  7. Kirk Session – 15th October (Tuesday) at 7.00pm in the Church Centre Undercroft.